How to Cancel a Student Loan Before Disbursed?

Prior to taking out a student loan, you might wonder whether it is possible to cancel the loan before it is disbursed. It is possible for you to cancel all or part of your loan by notifying the school or educational institution in a detailed manner at any time. Afterwards, you will need to follow the instructions outlined in the promissory note and you will receive additional information from your school or educational institution. This blog will help you understand how to cancel a student loan.

Cancelling student loans before disbursement

Any time before your loan money is disbursed, you can cancel all or part of your loan by notifying your school. For more information about cancelling your financial aid, you should contact your school’s financial aid office.

Cancelling student loan before disbursement due to disability

A person’s total disability is one of the most common reasons they cancel their student loans. A disabled person is more likely to get a debt written off if they cannot work and earn a steady income.

A medical expert must certify that you are permanently unable to work in order to get your student loan cancelled because of disability. Documents proving that you receive disability benefits must also be provided. This may take the form of an industrial injuries benefit, an employment and support allowance, a severe disability allowance, or a disability living allowance.

Cancellation of student loan due to some issues with the educational institution

It is possible to cancel the rest of your student loan if you can’t complete the program you enrolled in due to issues with the school. It is important to keep in mind that this won’t cancel your entire loan. No money will be refunded to you just because you don’t like your school. Cancellation of student loans is only possible under the following conditions:

  • During your enrollment in their program, your school closed.
  • You were misled about your school’s programs or the school broke certain laws.
  • The school falsely certified your eligibility in order for you to receive a loan.
  • The loan funds are not returned to the lender by your school. As a result, the amount cancelled equals the amount the school was supposed to return.

Cancellation of student loan due to death

If a borrower dies before their student loans are repaid in full, all outstanding loans are cancelled.

Important aspects about cancelling or reducing loans

After we receive your loan adjustment request, if you get a refund before we receive your loan adjustment request, we’ll tell you how much you owe IU, how to pay, and the payment deadline. You must use personal funds to pay the balance in full by the due date if cancellation or reduction leaves an outstanding balance on your student account. You will be charged late payment fees and other institutional penalties if you fail to do so.

Requests may not be reversed once they have been processed, and we will process them in a timely manner. Depending on how much or how much of your loan has already been credited or refunded, we may adjust your request. Unsubsidized loans will be reduced or cancelled before subsidized loans.

In the event of a first loan disbursement cancellation, the second loan disbursement will also be cancelled. You may need to return any refunds you have already received.


Unsuitable loans can cause a variety of financial problems after graduation. If you want a student loan, make sure that it fits your individual needs and circumstances. Consider your loan repayment options, including deferring payments or paying them off while you’re still in school, and do plenty of research into different lenders and repayment options.

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