How to Underwrite a Business Loan?

how to underwrite a business loan?

The lenders use several factors to determine the amount of debt that your business is able to repay. In the process of underwriting business loans, both human expertise and technology are used. Cash flow, your credit score, cash on hand, revenue, profit, current debt, and the amount of loan requested are important factors in determining … Read more

What Happens When You Default On a Car Loan?


You can lose your credit score and even your favourite car if you default on a car loan. When someone defaults on a car loan, many other terms are involved. After a serious pandemic, the world is facing an economic crisis. People who had a loan on their head, are facing the fear of defaulting … Read more

What Provides Collateral to Secure a Car Loan?

What Provides Collateral to Secure a Car Loan?

What Do You Mean By Collateral? The term “collateral” is used to describe any asset or property that is offered as security for a loan. The lender uses this collateral to protect itself from loss if the borrower defaults. Most car loans are secured by collateral. While this is a common practice, not all auto … Read more

How Soon Can You Refinance a Home Loan After You Purchase a House?

How Soon Can You Refinance a Home Loan After You Purchase a House?

The first question is, how soon can you refinance a mortgage after you purchase a house? Many lenders will require you to wait six months after you purchase your home before you can apply for a new loan. While some lenders are more flexible than others, the majority will require you to wait six months … Read more

What Does Liquidity Refer to in a Life Insurance Policy?


A Life insurance policy is drawn to provide financial support to your family when you pass away. Before getting life insurance done, it is highly important for every individual to stay aware of its connected or included terms such as liquidity. In this blog, we are going to share all about the important term of … Read more

How to Get a Business Loan with an LLC? [2022]

How to Get a Business Loan with an LLC_

Developing or starting a new business is not a piece of cake for everyone, but some sharp-witted and extraordinary people make it easy. Uncountable people are doing business, but only some are spreading and developing it, why? Because they know how to spread their business if they do not have much money. They know how … Read more

How to Negotiate on Car Loan

How to Negotiate On Car Loan?

Negotiation is a vital process for purchasing a car on loan. Smart decisions and negotiations can reduce the interest rates and assist you to save a huge amount of your money. All banks have different interest rates and each of them allows you to take a loan on behalf of your income or profit. Many … Read more

What Happens to Student Loan if You Move Abroad?

what happens to student loan if you move abroad

Due to the rising cost of college, more and more students are taking out loans to pay for their education, and even successful people aren’t able to pay them off until they’re well into their thirties, forties, or even fifties. Students are prevented from taking risks, testing out different career prospects, or following unconventional dreams … Read more

What Happens to Unused Home Loan Money?

what happens to student loan if you move abroad

 Can I use a car loan for something else, leftover money from a home loan?  Savings should never be wasted. Whenever there is an enormous liability like a mortgage, individuals look for ways to reduce the overall level of debt by paying their other debts. You may be able to obtain a mortgage that is … Read more